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Hey Girl Hey! DIY Valentines for Single Friends

on February 4, 2019

Hey Girl Hey! Whether you’ve got a valentine or your valentine is yourself, these DIY Valentines for Single Friends are super fun for all everyone!

DIY Valentines for Single Friends

I bought these adorable man molds last year – on sale at Michaels – and honestly had no idea what to do with them. They’re super cute though and I had to have them! This year, I got so excited to craft with them that I had at least 12 ideas of what to do. I ended up doing a lot of editing those down to do time constraints…. work, school, SLEEP – you know the drill! And I’m so ridiculously happy with how these Man Magnet Valentines for Single Friends worked out!

Aside from the whole “I would like a person to spend valentines with” the kiddos have been asking me who I am going to “keep forever” which is what we do when we talk about boyfriends/girlfriends leading to marriage. At this point, I am keeping myself forever, but that might change! ANYWAY – I made these valentines for my single lady friends who are also keeping themselves forever – or at least for now. Because seriously? Who couldn’t use the perfect man without the hassle?

MAKE IT: Edible Glitter Valentines Pops

DIY Valentines for Single Friends

Cost: $10
Time: Weekend Project – there’s a lot of dry time
Suggested Viewing: 13 Going on 30!

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DIY Valentines Bag Clips

on January 31, 2019

DIY Valentines Bag Clips are a fun and engaging way to add charm and festive touches to your kitchen organization efforts!

If you’re here for life updates, here’s the scoop. Classes start in less than a week – next week to be exact and I spent all day yesterday setting up my planners. I’ve decided that setting up an academic planner is basically creating a 5 month to do list. I’m scheduling in a breakdown for sometime in March, but who knows, I might find flow and it will be AWESOME!

DIY Valentines Bag Clips are a fun and engaging way to add charm and festive touches to your kitchen organization efforts! | #perlerbead #pattern #valentinescrafts

Last week, one of my littles and I pulled out the perler beads for a solid hour and just… made. There is something so cool about them really getting into a project to make something! That being said, I’m sure when I went through that phase, my mother thought about hiding the beads because there’s only so much you can do with them. We turned ours into magnets and chip clips – because these are a lot more creative and cute than the ones you buy in the stores. Also, a lot cheaper too!

These valentines clips are super cute and can be used to hold your love notes, cookie bags, lunch bags, chips… you name it! They really add a festive flare to just about anything.

DIY Valentines Bag Clips

Cost: Everything was on hand! But you’re looking at $10 and that makes a TON!
Time: about an hour
Suggested Listening: Lizzo – Juice (maybe not kid friendly but issa bop)
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Quick Conversation Hearts Drink Stirrers

on January 28, 2019

Add some fun flare to your valentines party with these quick conversation hearts drink stirrers. This Valentines Decor hack creates an adorable addition to any party!

conversation hearts cupcake toppers

When I first started blogging I swore I wasn’t going to do a DIY that essentially involved putting stickers on something. Well, I’m going to apologize to myself right now because Quick Conversation Hearts Drink Stirrers are too good to not post AND they double as cupcake toppers!

conversation hearts drink stirrers

A little background if you will. I, for some weird reason, love valentines day. Its not the whole “love” thing, I think it might just be the aesthetic and all the cute stuff that comes out around this time. I tend to celebrate Galentines day more than anything because that way there is no pressure for me to have a significant other to celebrate it with and/or be disappointed by. Also, spend one valentines day working in Restaurant world and you would hate it too… SO BUSY. SO MANY PEOPLE.

conversation hearts drink stirrers

These are also really great if you need to add a last minute spark for your party, school cupcakes, or anything really.

Conversation Hearts Drink Stirrers

Cost: $3
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Listening: Better Get to Living – Dolly Parton

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Loom Knit 2 Tone Infinity Scarf

on January 24, 2019

Warm up with a DIY Loom Knit 2 Tone infinity scarf. Super simple and super cozy! Perfect for the breezy weather and an evening project.

So, I came to the realization the other day that my yarn stash is kinda out of control. This scarf has been in the making for a really long time, if only because I bought the yarn a few years ago and couldn’t decide what to do with it.

Loom Knit 2 Tone Infinity Scarf

Here’s my yarn shopping process in case you were curious. I head into the craft store to buy very specific yarn for a very specific project. THEN I pass by an endcap with some really pretty new yarn that they’re advertising. If its a color I like, I feel it to see how soft and/or squishy it is. It is not a yarn I need for my project… or need at all. So then, if I’m into it, I tend to grab a skein and wander around the store for approximately 30 minutes, looking at stuff and squishing this yarn to decide if I want it or not. And then I end up buying it 2 out of 3 times. Yep. I’m might have a problem. Last time I tried to Tidy Up, I spent a solid few hours holding yarn close and deciding if it sparked joy.

Loom Knit 2 Tone Infinity Scarf

MAKE IT: DIY The Snuggle is Real Stenciled Sweatshirt

This project uses my favorite chunky yarn – Hometown USA and I saw the two colors side by side and thought… those are just weird enough they might work. So, here we are!

Loom Knit 2 Tone Infinity Scarf

Loom Knit 2 Tone Infinity Scarf supplies

Time: An evening or two. I got through this while watching The Mummy 1 and 2. I refuse to acknowledge the 3rd one.
Cost: $10
Suggested Viewing: A Series of Unfortunate Events – Season 3

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SyFy’s The Magicians Cupcake Toppers

on January 21, 2019

Conjure up some free printable cupcake toppers for the season 4 premiere of Syfy’s The Magicians! And DO SOME G*D DAMN MAGIC!

Every year around the holidays, I embark on a Magicians rewatch. Mostly because I can binge the whole series on Netflix and catch up before the new season begins. I’m kinda obsessed at this point. I mean… seriously? Who doesn’t want to go to Magic Grad School and head off on crazy adventures and quests. I particularly like that we get to see the “science” of spell casting and things within the magic community. There are definitely more other things I like about the show, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I definitely recommend it. Margot and Elliot are goals.

free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers

These toppers are a great addition if you, like me, would like to party at the Physical Cottage at one point or another. My discipline is Illusions according to (go take the tests and things!). Without giving away all the secrets, I’m a little in love and you should start watching and then DM me about it so we can geek out over it. Please and thank you.

Make it: Mimosa Cupcakes Recipe

free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers

Okay, so these toppers are pretty self explanatory. Print them out on some card stock, cut them out and glue or tape them onto some toothpicks. Alternately, you can use the print and cut function on your circuit explore.

free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers

I also added some gold coins as toppers to in a nod to Quentin Coldwater, who can be seen throughout nearly the entire first season with a coin flipping between his fingers.

free printable syfy the magicians cupcake toppers

DIY Sick Day Care Package

on January 17, 2019

Being sick is a bummer, so help make a friend or loved one’s day with a cute DIY Sick Day Care Package filled with some get well goodies!

Sick day care package-1

At 31.5 I still call my mom whenever I get sick. Granted, my mother is a nurse so there is usually reason to, but there is just something about being sick that makes you want your mommy. Unfortunately, I live in LA where my entire friend group is living away pretty far away from family…. so we have to take care of each other. I recently had a dear friend get sick and had to cancel plans. Here’s the thing, I have to schedule nearly my whole life due to work and school and my friends and I are all on different schedules. Between work getting busier and classes starting soon, I’m already scheduling in a mental breakdown for spring break. So, when one of us has to cancel plans because of sickness? Not good.

Make It: Mix Up an Easy DIY Sugar Scrub

Sick day care package-5

As a result, I filled my time by bringing her a Sick Day basket. I’ve seen a lot of these online where there are crossword puzzles and coloring books, but in the days of Netflix and Chill… I think its safe to say we’re all crashed out on the couch with some orange juice and a cozy blanket waking up in between scenes of Lord of the Rings. I filled the basket with some essentials that I knew she liked and just dropped it off. Quick note, unless they actually need you to take care of them or want to see you, its probably best to drop it off. No one wants to deal with guests when they’re doing poorly.

Sick day care package-3 Sick day care package-4 Sick day care package-6 Sick day care package-8

Sick Day Care Package

To make the DIY Fringe Basket:
Yarn of your choice
Wire basket – I got mine for super cheap from Walmart
Masking tape

DIY Fringe basket

1. Cut strips of yarn twice the height of your basket. I found a mini notebook that was produced just the right length so I wrapped it and then just cut a bunch at once.

DIY Fringe basket

2. Grab 2 strands of the yarn you just cut and fold them in half. Then Loop them around top edge of your wire basket, passing the free end through the loop to secure it to the edge.

DIY Fringe basket DIY fringe basket diy fringe basket

3. Continue looping and threading yarn until you’ve filled the entire width of the basket snuggly.

DIY Fringe basket

4. Tip the basket over so that you can lay the yarn flat against the table. Using the masking tape, tape off the arrow shape you’d like on the front and back.

DIY Fringe basket DIY Fringe basket

5. Cut across the masking tape. This will assure that your yarn stays in place and gives you a clean line once you’re done cutting.

DIY Fringe basket

6. Fill the basket up with all types of goodies for a cute Sick Day Care Package!

Sick day care package-7 Sick day care package-9

DIY Frozen Adventure Slippers

on January 14, 2019

Keep your princess feet cozy this winter with some comfy crochet Elsa inspired Frozen Adventure Slippers!

California in the winter is weird. Especially apartment living. Here’s what happens. You go to bed at night feeling okay or possibly a little cold. Between 12 and 2 am, you’ve gotta take the covers off because you’re HOT, wake up and its freezing. Then! In the middle of the afternoon, when its 77 degrees outside, you’re still bundled up because you refuse to turn on the heat and it is FREAKING COLD. I used to be able to withstand this… revel in it even. Apparently I am now a California girl who hates weather changes. Who knew!

This is also the time of year where I’m still knitting and crochet-ing everything – because it is a post apocalyptic life skill!

These are some Elsa inspired slippers I made for one of my kiddos who asked santa for “Gloves to go with all of my Elsa Dresses”… so, I figured I’d throw in some slippers to keep her tootsies warm.

If you’re looking for an adult version, you can find it HERE.

Frozen Adventure Slippers

Cost: $5-10
Time: 1-3 hours
Suggested Viewing: Wreck It Ralph – ya’ll thought I was gonna say Frozen right?

Keep your princess feet cozy this winter with some comfy crochet Elsa inspired Frozen Adventure Slippers!

Fits kids size 8+
Size J crochet needle
Red Heart Soft Essentials yarn in Turquoise
Red Heart Fur Yarn in Polar

Magic Ring: Single crochet 10 times into a magic ring. Tighten and slip stitch into the first stitch on the ring. Ch 2

Round 1: Half Double Crochet twice into each stitch. Slip stitch into the first stitch of the round. Ch 2(20)
Round 2: HDC into each stitch. Slip stitch into First HDC of round. Ch 2 –
Rounds 3-8 Repeat until you have enough length to fit the length of the foot – a little past mid way or before the heel starts. I used 8 rounds for a kids size 9 foot, so you can increase or decrease from there.

Make the Heel:
Working from where you left off in part 1,
Row 1: HDC into each stitch for 15 stitches (you should have 5 left unworked). Turn work, CH 2
Row 2-6: HDC into each stitch (15 stitches) Turn work, Ch 2
Tie off end leaving a 6 inch tail.

Fold the flat heel portion in half and turn inside out. You’ll have the folded part pointing outwards from the inside of the slipper (if that makes sense). Stitch the edges together to form a heel. Secure the end and weave it in. Then flip the heel right side out!

MAKE IT: DIY The Snuggle is Real Stenciled Sweatshirt

Make the cuff:
Slip stitch into the top back of the heel you just made. Chain 2.
HDC around the cuff of the slipper, you’ll want anywhere from 20 to 24 stitches.
Slip stitch into the first stitch on the round. Chain 2.
Build up the cuff by completing rounds of HDC until you’re happy with the height of your cuff. Secure and weave in ends.

Keep your princess feet cozy this winter with some comfy crochet Elsa inspired Frozen Adventure Slippers!

Fur cuff:
Switch to Fur Yarn and Single crochet around the top of the cuff for one row. This yarn has so much bulk you’ll end up with a really fluffy edge with minimal work. Fasten off the end.

Weave in your tails.

Repeat the entire pattern a second time (because you will probably need 2 of these) and you’re off for your very own Frozen Adventure! If you want to make these No-Slip, add some puffy paint or hot glue to the bottom. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Keep your princess feet cozy this winter with some comfy crochet Elsa inspired Frozen Adventure Slippers! Keep your princess feet cozy this winter with some comfy crochet Elsa inspired Frozen Adventure Slippers!

Mimosa Cupcakes Recipe

on January 8, 2019

Highlight your brunch with these light these light and fluffy Mimosa Cupcakes! Bring these to a bridal shower and you’ll be the hit of the party!

mimosa cupcakes recipe

Ya’ll… I can’t tell you how many of my friends posted about being pregnant or adopting or getting engaged or really, any number of big life moments over the holidays. Me? I’m just over here like, same crap different day. I mean, sure, I’m super happy for my friends and all the good stuff they have happening. I just feel like I’m in the middle of the beginning of another story – if that makes sense.

MAKE IT: Crochet Cactus Hat Pattern

I didn’t really do much new year planning this year. I’m maybe in the middle of it, but I did a lot of reflecting. 2018 was hard… and a bit of a dumpster fire if we’re all on the level. But I feel like I actually accomplished something and I need to give myself credit for that.

mimosa cupcakes recipe

My goals for 2018 were to basically survive. At the beginning of the year I was working 3 jobs, trying to figure out my blog and going back to school for the first time in nearly 10 years. It was a rough start. Then, the week before my Winter semester finals… I came down with strep from one of the kiddos I watched at the time. If you’ve ever known me, that is the one disease I never, ever want to get. And of course, I had it. YAY

Over the course of the year, I had my ups and downs. Reflecting on it all, it had to happen that way. I learned a lot about myself. In giving myself credit for things, in letting things go. AND YES This is my pat on the back for finishing out the year with a 4.0 GPA. I have 4 classes left until I can apply for nursing school and then we’ll see where everything goes.

champagne cupcakes - orange frosting - mimosa cupcakes

If you came here for cupcakes, this is probably where you should start.

Make it: DIY an Infinity Loom Knit Scarf

Mimosa Cupcakes

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Buffalo Check Clutch Bag

on December 21, 2018

Whether you need a last minute gift or want a new way to rock the plaid, this buffalo check clutch bag is a great project to up your style game!

Guess what?!? I finished finals, worked some crazy days back to back and can’t figure out what to do with myself. I guess that is part of not having a regular schedule and also trying to manage all the things – School, work, emotions of tiny humans… also attempting to craft/create occasionally. Up until finals any free time I had was spent studying. Now? I’m baking and trying to get through all the sewing projects that I have piled up.

red plaid - buffalo check bag - geometric buffalo

red plaid - buffalo check bag - geometric buffalo

I’m also attempting to get in full Christmas mode. It’s not exactly working but I’m trying. One of my favorite things to make for friends are these cute personalized clutches. I source the blanks from the Target Dollar Spot and use my Cricut Explore Air 2 to customize with fun sayings, or in this case… A BUFFALO! They work great to hold tablets, notebooks, wallets, random card games… yeah. All the things

More bags: Sassy Christmas Clutch with Cricut

Buffalo Check Clutch Bag

red plaid - buffalo check bag - geometric buffalo

Cost: $5
Time: 20 Minutes
Suggested Listening: Scott Helman – Hang Ups

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Orange Cranberry Sugar Cookie Bars

on December 3, 2018

These Orange Cranberry Sugar Cookie bars with orange cream cheese frosting are a delight for all seasons and holiday gatherings.

Orange Cranberry Sugar Cookie Bar

Say hello to my new friend! Pardon the photo quality – I was just so excited and didn’t really take a ton of pictures of it in a professional setting… or any at all.

kitchenaid - stand mixer - ice blue

I finally bought myself a Kitchenaid mixer and ya’ll…. LIFE CHANGING. Seriously though. The things I hate doing – like creaming butter and sugar, making cream cheese frosting and whipping egg whites… I don’t have to do anymore! It doesn’t have a name or gender yet, but I figure you guys can give me some suggestions.

Orange Cranberry cookie bar

Make It: Sassy Christmas Clutch with Cricut

Okay, so tis’ the season right? I for one am all about the rich chocolates and caramels and of course peppermint is my absolute favorite flavor profile. I am seriously the person that drinks Peppermint mocha year round. Fight me on it. Okay, so why doesn’t this have any of those things in them? I honestly don’t know. I just wanted to experiment with some lighter seasonal flavors. I will say that they turned out delicious and my anatomy class (whom I bring all my baking to these days) RAVED about them.

Orange Cranberry Sugar Cookie Bar

These Orange Cranberry Sugar Cookie Bars are great for bake sales, cookie exchanges and any number of things. I like that they’re easier to cut into at the end instead of trying to measure out or scoop cookies to be the right shape.

Orange Cranberry Sugar Cookie Bars

Time: 1 hour or less
Cost: $10? I had most of this stuff on hand
Suggested listening: Come Out and Play – Billie Eilish

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