Hey Girl Hey! DIY Valentines for Single Friends

on February 4, 2019

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Hey Girl Hey! Whether you’ve got a valentine or your valentine is yourself, these DIY Valentines for Single Friends are super fun for all everyone!

DIY Valentines for Single Friends

I bought these adorable man molds last year – on sale at Michaels – and honestly had no idea what to do with them. They’re super cute though and I had to have them! This year, I got so excited to craft with them that I had at least 12 ideas of what to do. I ended up doing a lot of editing those down to do time constraints…. work, school, SLEEP – you know the drill! And I’m so ridiculously happy with how these Man Magnet Valentines for Single Friends worked out!

Aside from the whole “I would like a person to spend valentines with” the kiddos have been asking me who I am going to “keep forever” which is what we do when we talk about boyfriends/girlfriends leading to marriage. At this point, I am keeping myself forever, but that might change! ANYWAY – I made these valentines for my single lady friends who are also keeping themselves forever – or at least for now. Because seriously? Who couldn’t use the perfect man without the hassle?

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DIY Valentines for Single Friends

Cost: $10
Time: Weekend Project – there’s a lot of dry time
Suggested Viewing: 13 Going on 30!

Valentines Man Mold – I’m not sure they sell these anymore, but a lego man would work just as well)
Plaster of Paris
Hot glue
Paint in various colors
Printed Valentines Cards

DIY Valentines for Single Friends

Make the plaster of paris according to the directions and gently pour into the molds. I used a piping bag to make sure it got into all of the crevices. Tap it on a flat surface gently to make sure there are no bubbles and all the nooks and crannies are filled in.

Wipe the excess plaster from around the wells. At this point, embed the magnets halfway in the plaster and let set for at least 2 hours.

DIY Valentines for Single Friends

Very very gently pop the men out of their molds once the plaster is completely dry. The guys flexing their biceps kept losing hands, so I would remove the legs and then veeeeery gently remove the arms.

Let set and finish drying for another hour at least, overnight is better.

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Paint each man in your chosen colors. You can use gold to create “Trophy boyfriends” or other colors to match your aesthetic.

DIY Valentines for Single Friends

Once they’re dry, its time to attach them to your valentines! You can use a glue runner, sticky tack, or for something completely different, pop a few staples into the middle of your valentine! The magnet will stick to them!


DIY Valentines for Single Friends DIY Valentines for Single Friends

Give these to all your bestie boos for a fun valentines laugh!

DIY Valentines for Single Friends

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