DIY Harry Potter Mini-Notebooks

on August 28, 2018

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Create these magical gold foil DIY Harry Potter mini notebooks with a few easy steps! Great for back to school, parties and more!

A few years ago, I watched some videos on youtube about gold foiling and decided it would be a thing that I tried. I spent a decent amount of money and bought all the things. Tried it once, it didn’t turn out like the videos told me they would and then I never touched it again. I kind of have craft ADD sometimes – can you tell?

Hogwarts Inspired House Mini-Notebooks

Okay, so fast forward to this year and me on Instagram watching ColorMadeHappy’s super easy tutorial on foiling and watercoloring techniques. Again – I decided I’m going to do the thing. So I hauled out all of my supplies that I somehow managed not to lose and got to work. Guess what? It’s amazingly easy! I have also spent a lot of time in the last year realizing that things don’t have to be perfect so I’m a little more open to trying things more than once.

These notebooks? Took a few tries. Mostly because I printed on the wrong paper twice and had not so great quality logos the third time. BUT we got it all figured out. AND I made a video! Its not perfect, but I did it and I’m kinda stoked on it. What do you guys think?

DIY Harry Potter Mini-Notebooks

Time: 1 hr or less
Cost: $20 or less – I had a lot of this lying around from my first attempt
Suggested Listening: Unheavenly Creatures – Coheed and Cambria

pinterest - DIY Harry Potter Mini Notebooks

Mini Composition Notebooks
Washable Markers
Plastic freezer bag
Spray bottle with water
House logos printed on a Laser Printer
Heat transfer foil
Glue stick

I made you a video!!!

** Logos MUST be printed with toner from a laser printer for this to work. Its what makes it all stick.

Print your logos off on a laser printer on card stock. I took mine to fedex office and got them to do it there because homegirl is not about to drop $100+ on a laser printer.

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Cut each house logo out to a bit bigger than the front of the mini-notebook.

To Watercolor:
On the plastic bag, use the washable marker to color an area that will cover part of the logo. Spray the bag with some water and press your cardstock FACE DOWN on it. Gently press and swipe to spread out the water. Set aside to dry for at least 30 minutes.

gold foil ravenclaw mini-notebook

To Foil:
Once each piece is colored and dry its time to foil. Fire up the laminator and allow it to heat up completely. You can probably do it while the pieces are drying. Place a piece of heat transfer foil SHINY SIDE UP onto the laser printed design. Run it through the laminator a few times to make sure everything is nice and stuck.

** I used a carrier sheet the first few times to get the foil to lay flat – I had an issue with it bunching but it may have been my laminator. I’d print out a few practice sheets to get a feel for how yours will work best before actually working on these. If they come out with spots in them like mine, just call them vintage.

Gryffindor-DIY Hogwarts Inspired House mini-notebook

Peel off the transfer foil to reveal your super shiny and classy design!

To make each cover, cut off a straight line along the inside of the card. I did this to get the design more centered and so that I wouldn’t be doing it blind.

From there, lay the notebook face down on the house card and slide it so that the black binding is flush with the side you just cut off. Center it as best you can then trace around the edge with your pencil.

DIY Hogwarts Inspired House mini-notebook

Cut off the excess and glue the cut out house logo to your cover. Allow it to dry and you’re good to go!

I use these for keeping post ideas or todo lists – because ya’ll know I need them! Pair them with these Harry Potter Spell Pencils for a truly Hogwarts school experience!

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hufflepuff - DIY Hogwarts Inspired House mini-notebook DIY Harry Potter Mini-Notebooksk

Harry Potter Spell Pencils
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