Crochet Vintage Hufflepuff Slippers (Free Pattern)

on December 1, 2017

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Cozy up with these crochet vintage Hufflepuff slippers! Make them yourself with this free pattern and show your house pride!

I took the sorting test on Pottermore twice. Yep. I created two separate accounts for the sorting test. Why? Because I could? Maybe? Mostly because I got Gryffindor and I secretly think I’m a Hufflepuff. I got Ravenclaw on the second test so I’m not exactly sure what to do with that. Anyone else in the same boat?

Cozy up with these crochet vintage Hufflepuff slippers! - Free Pattern #crochet #harrypotter #geekcrafts

As the holidays gear up, the pressure is on when you’re a crafter. I usually try to start my holiday creating at least 2 months in advance, but I was a little late with that so here I am… rushing to crochet, knit, weed, iron and paint a ridiculous amount of stuff. Does anyone else feel like they need to top themselves from the year before? I mean, yeah. I could go the easy route and just get gift sets for people but there comes this expectation that when you’re a crafter, you hand make everything. This year, I am making a ton of these slippers and I am in love with the color scheme. You see, this year, my friends and I decided to re-read the Harry Potter series and actually analyze it for what it is. It’s amazing the things that come into play when you’re looking at something as an adult. As a result, that friend group are getting vintage style slippers in their house colors! I nearly kept these Hufflepuff ones for myself!

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Cozy up with these crochet vintage Hufflepuff slippers! - Free Pattern #crochet #harrypotter #geekcrafts

Crochet Vintage Hufflepuff Slippers

Time: 1-2 Harry Potter films or 5 Chapters of the audiobook
Cost: $5-10 – I found the yarn on sale – never go into the craft store without a coupon!
Nerd Level: 3 – super subtle but super cozy.

Lionbrand Hometown USA yarn in Madison Mustard and Chicago Charcoal
Size N crochet hook
Yarn Needle

Abreviations you should know:
CH: Chain stitch
SC: Single Crochet
SL: Slip Stitch
HDC: Half Double Crochet

Cozy up with these crochet vintage Hufflepuff slippers! - Free Pattern #crochet #harrypotter #geekcrafts

To make your slippers, start with the Chicago Charcoal (CC).
Row 1: In a magic loop, HDC 12. Pull it tight and SL into the top loops of the first stitch. CH 2 (12)
Row 2: Continuing in the circle, HDC 2 stitches into each HDC. (24) Join with a SL and chain 2
Row 3: HDC into each HDC. Join with SL. (24) Change colors and Chain 2.

With Madison Mustard (MM)
Continue HDC rounds for the next 8 rows. (basically repeat row 3) Switch to CC yarn

Cozy up with these crochet vintage Hufflepuff slippers! - Free Pattern #crochet #harrypotter #geekcrafts

Create the heel:
Row 12: HDC 1 into the next 18 HDC leaving the last 6 unworked. Ch 2 and turn.
Rows 13-16: Repeat row 12

Row 17: SC 9 stitches or about half way down the row. Cut a 6 inch tail. Fold the row in half with the inside facing out. Use the yarn needle to sew the back edges together.

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Create the cuff:
Row 18: Switching to color MM, HDC in each stitch around the cuff of the slipper – you’ll have anywhere from 24-30 stitches. Join with a SL and CH 2

Row 19-20: HDC in each stitch around, Join with a SL and CH 2
Row 21: Switch to color CC. HDC around and join with a SL. Leave a 6 inch tail.

Weave in ends using the yarn needle.

Don’t forget to PIN for later!

Cozy up with these crochet vintage Hufflepuff slippers! - Free Pattern #crochet #harrypotter #geekcrafts

Make 2.

Once your Crochet Vintage Hufflepuff Slippers are done, its time to snuggle up with your favorite book (I’m partial to Prizoner of Azkaban) and some butterbeer!


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  • Reply Alicia

    What is the finished size?

    September 5, 2018 at 6:58 pm
    • Reply Chelsea

      These fit a size 7-10 Womens but you can increase or decrease the number of rounds to fit larger or smaller feet. I have also used this pattern for childrens slippers with a smaller gauge needle and they’ve turned out super cute!

      September 21, 2018 at 7:15 am
  • Reply Laurelbelle

    Is it possible to make these into knee high socks?

    December 13, 2022 at 8:50 pm
    • Reply Chelsea

      I think its possible, but you’d have to plan your increases depending on the circumference of the person’s calf. I’ve never done it through. If you do try, I’d love to see how they turn out!

      March 7, 2023 at 1:16 pm

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