How to Metal Stamp Harry Potter Spell Pencils

on August 23, 2018

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Turn your plain wood pencils into a magic wand with these metal stamp Harry Potter Spell Pencils!

I’ve always felt like I wasn’t a big enough fan to have all the cool things associated with fandom – the random Star Wars stuff from Disney or a Hufflepuff phone case. Alternately, I thought that having that fan stuff  (even if I absolutley loved it) would get me labeled as a weird. I’m working through a lot of things right now and realizing that its okay to like what you like, even if someone thinks you’re weird. I can totally be a “non-traditional” student with a Harry Potter backpack in an R2-D2 dress and it doesn’t matter if people judge me… because I like these things.

I’ve also been super into metal stamping lately and wanted to try my hand at doing pencils too. So – Harry Potter + School Supplies + Metal Stamps? Sounds like either a recipe for disaster or something cute. You be the judge.

Harry Potter Spell Pencils

Cost: $50+ – BUT the metal stamps are a total investment and can be used for a TON of other things.
Time: 30 minutes or less
Suggested Listening: The Wizard Rock Twist – The Remus Lupins

Harry Potter Spell Pencils -

Metal Letter Stamps, Stamping Hammer, Stamping blockBuy the whole kit
Metalic Permanent Marker
Masking tape
Rubbing alcohol
Clear nailpolish
Pencils – I used black pencils

Supplies - Metal Stamp - Harry Potter Spell Pencils

Just a heads up – I bought all of my stamping supplies at Michaels when they were having a crazy sale. If you’re looking to get started, there are some good deals on Amazon or just slowly build up your supply with coupons for half off.

Make It: DIY Harry Potter Makeup Brushes

Tape to block - Harry Potter Spell Pencils

To begin, tape your pencil down to the stamping block with the section you want to tape up.

To stamp – place the stamp with the letter FACING YOU. Some of the stamp kits don’t have this on them so you need to make sure all of your letters are facing the same way. If you have a set with the letters also engraved on the outside make sure the outside letter is facing you. Hold the stamp towards the bottom and gently strike straight down onto the stamp. One hit should do.

Stamped Alohomora - Harry Potter Spell Pencils

Tip: When I first tried this I hit too hard and shattered the pencil – not pretty or fun – so there is no shame in ruining your first few pencils to make sure you’re stamping the way you want.

fill in letters with permanent marker - doityourfreakingself

Fill in they stamps – Use your metallic permanent marker or enamel pen and fill in each letter, making sure to get it all up in the grooves of the stamps.

alohomora - silver stamp

Wipe – I found that the best way to do this is to dampen a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and make one clean swipe. Two at the most. Any more and you risk rubbing off the paint of the pencil and messing up the wood.

Make It: DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray and colorful labels!

Paint over with nailpolish - harry potter spell pencils

Paint over each design with clear nailpolish to keep your Harry Potter Spell Pencils nice and pretty while they’re banging around in your pencil bag.

And you’re good to go! Take to class and make all of your friends jealous- or make them for your friends! For more fun Harry Potter stuff, check out my Pinterest board here.

lumos pencil - Harry Potter Spell Pencil

riddikulus pencil

Harry Potter Spell Pencils

harry potter spell pencil - acacia

doodle-lunch box idea-bentobox
Hogwarts Inspired House Mini-Notebooks

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