“I like your butt” Heart Cake

on February 14, 2019

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This heart cake hack will make you wonder why you’d never thought about it before!  And this “I like your butt” heart cake is perfect for when you don’t want to be subtle!

I like your butt heart cake

A few nights ago, my friend Karolyn and I were talking about conversation hearts and what we would like for them to say if we had them. Mine were mostly Geek and Craft related. Seriously, if my (hypothetical) dude came home and said, “I got you yarn” I would swoon. Karolyn’s suggestion? “Butts” Yes folks, my friends are awesome and possibly Tina from Bob’s burgers.

Anyhoo… I kinda took that idea and ran with it? I’ve been wanting to make a conversation heart cake for a while, but couldn’t decide on the right thing to put on it. This is just the right side of inappropriate to work.

I also didn’t want to buy a special pan or anything for this cake because homegirl has a plan. So… this here project uses 2 pans. A circle and a square. Thats it. If you want to get a heart pan you can get it for like $5 at Michaels with a coupon. However, in the land of sparking joy (and also function) I knew it wasn’t something I’d use often and really didn’t have the space for an extra pan.

I like your butt heart cake

I would also like to point out that my friend Amanda taught me this technique of how to make a heart cake without a special pan about 12 years ago when we made a heart cake that said “I love you more than a fat kid loves cake”….. in german.

So. Here’s to being blunt and telling it like it is… and liking butts.

“I like your butt” Heart Cake

Time: 2 hours including cooling time
Cost: $5-10?
Suggested viewing: Bobs Burgers!

Your favorite cake recipe – I just used a box of chocolate cake mix. No shame in my game ya’ll!
1 square cake pan
1 circle cake pan
Your favorite white frosting recipe – enough to cover the whole cake (about 2 containers if using store bought)
Food coloring – specifically red for the letters
I also used a wilton #2 Piping tip with piping bag.

Bake the cake:
Divide the batter evenly between the pans and bake per the box instructions.
Allow the cake to cool and level if you need to.

"I like your butt" Heart Cake

Cut the circle cake straight down the center and use frosting to adhere them to the corners of the square cake. Do you see the heart!!

how to make a heart cake without a special pan

heart cake hack

Frost the whole cake, up, down, all around.

I like your butt heart cake

Add your letters! In order to make sure my letters were centered, I used a toothpick to lightly draw where I wanted them to go, then used the red frosting with the piping tip to write them. Then, I went back over the visible lines with a pallet knife to smooth everything out.

I like your butt heart cake

I like your butt heart cake

I like your butt heart cake

I like your butt heart cake

I like your butt heart cake - CAKE SLICE

Give to your bestie, your man, your lady, really whoever! Except maybe not your parents…. because thats weird.

Harry Potter - Amortentia straw toppers
oscars champagne cupcakes - hollywood - gold frosting

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