DIY Sick Day Care Package

on January 17, 2019

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Being sick is a bummer, so help make a friend or loved one’s day with a cute DIY Sick Day Care Package filled with some get well goodies!

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At 31.5 I still call my mom whenever I get sick. Granted, my mother is a nurse so there is usually reason to, but there is just something about being sick that makes you want your mommy. Unfortunately, I live in LA where my entire friend group is living away pretty far away from family…. so we have to take care of each other. I recently had a dear friend get sick and had to cancel plans. Here’s the thing, I have to schedule nearly my whole life due to work and school and my friends and I are all on different schedules. Between work getting busier and classes starting soon, I’m already scheduling in a mental breakdown for spring break. So, when one of us has to cancel plans because of sickness? Not good.

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As a result, I filled my time by bringing her a Sick Day basket. I’ve seen a lot of these online where there are crossword puzzles and coloring books, but in the days of Netflix and Chill… I think its safe to say we’re all crashed out on the couch with some orange juice and a cozy blanket waking up in between scenes of Lord of the Rings. I filled the basket with some essentials that I knew she liked and just dropped it off. Quick note, unless they actually need you to take care of them or want to see you, its probably best to drop it off. No one wants to deal with guests when they’re doing poorly.

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Sick Day Care Package

To make the DIY Fringe Basket:
Yarn of your choice
Wire basket – I got mine for super cheap from Walmart
Masking tape

DIY Fringe basket

1. Cut strips of yarn twice the height of your basket. I found a mini notebook that was produced just the right length so I wrapped it and then just cut a bunch at once.

DIY Fringe basket

2. Grab 2 strands of the yarn you just cut and fold them in half. Then Loop them around top edge of your wire basket, passing the free end through the loop to secure it to the edge.

DIY Fringe basket DIY fringe basket diy fringe basket

3. Continue looping and threading yarn until you’ve filled the entire width of the basket snuggly.

DIY Fringe basket

4. Tip the basket over so that you can lay the yarn flat against the table. Using the masking tape, tape off the arrow shape you’d like on the front and back.

DIY Fringe basket DIY Fringe basket

5. Cut across the masking tape. This will assure that your yarn stays in place and gives you a clean line once you’re done cutting.

DIY Fringe basket

6. Fill the basket up with all types of goodies for a cute Sick Day Care Package!

Sick day care package-7 Sick day care package-9

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