Summer Survival Babysitting Bag

on June 8, 2016

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Summer is upon us folks and in socal that means hot days, sweaty nights and NO SCHOOL! For those of you that are babysitting or nannying this summer, it means more opportunities to play and find ways to entertain kiddos. This can lead to some sticky situations if you’re not prepared because bored kids are unhappy kids which can sometimes lead to destructive kids.

So, idolizing Mary Poppins like I do, I’ve put together 13 items you can put in your summer survival babysitting bag to keep the kids alive and occupied or create some quick activities.

Survive the summer with these items in your Summer Survival Babysitting Bag!

1. Sunscreen
Summer means more time outside whether it’s going on adventures to the park or beach, or just taking walks. And because its hot, you’re going to need sunscreen like crazy. We prefer the Babyganics brand with the pump spray. Easy enough to drop in my bag and even easier to spray a kiddo down for a mid afternoon application.

2. Bubbles – lots and lots of bubbles

3. Water Balloons
Survive the summer with these items in your Summer Survival Babysitting Bag!
So Cal gets hot. Really hot. Especially in the valley. When we get a little stir crazy I grab the kids and head outside for a quick waterballoon fight. If you’re manually filling up your balloons it can take a while to set up, so do yourself a favor and get some of these. Zuru Bunch O Balloons fill in seconds and you’re off for a water ballon fight for the ages! Already have the straws? Get the refill!

4. Chalk/Washable paint
You can make your own liquid chalk paint with some simple ingredients! Check out the recipe here: from Learn Play Imagine

5. Toilet Paper Rolls
Never one to not have a craft on hand, these are a MUST for any survival bag. They can be used to make binoculars, bird feeders, or any number of things!

6. Drinks/Snacks
Nope. Don’t leave home without them. The kiddos LOVE Pirates Booty, so I like to keep that on hand, but you can also pack some healthy snacks that hold up in the heat like fruit chips and granola bars. These reusable snack bags are a LIFESAVER! While you’re at it, make sure you have a waterbottle handy!

7. Water Guns
Survive the summer with these items in your Summer Survival Babysitting Bag!
Need I say more?

8. Hats/Visors
Not only are visors super useful, they can also become a really fun project!

9. Kiddie Pool
Okay, so this one won’t fit in your bag, but I can’t tell you how many times I have used it over the summer and beyond. Mine cost me about $10 and when I had a regular nanny family, I just left it at their place. We had so much fun using it for splash fights, water transfer, treasure hunts, sensory play, and just getting out of the house. In the winter, we filled it with balls and made our own ball pit!

10. Popsicle Kit
Survive the summer with these items in your Summer Survival Babysitting Bag!
This Hamilton Beach Fastpop is a life saver for impatient kiddos!
Babysitter hack: Grab some juice pouches (like capri suns) and freeze them. When they’re done, cut off the top and give the kiddos a spoon! Instant (and easy) popsicle!

11. Melty Beads
Some days it is too hot to go outside. Its almost this catch 22. Like you’re so excited that summertime is fun and all, but then it’s up to 105 degrees and all you wanna do is sit in front of the air conditioner. Melty beads are a wonderful activity during quiet time while a little one is napping, or an activity for everyone. You can get some of these little kits, or a huge bucket!

12. First Aid Kit
More outside activity equals more opportunity for scrapes and bumps. Make sure you have your first aid kit handy!

13. Doodle Pad and Crayons/Markers
And when all else fails… color some pictures! At the end of a busy day, I like to use these to help a child reflect on the day, share with parents, and calm down a bit.

The most important part of your Summer Survival Babysitting Bag is YOU.

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