The 2018 April Playlist is HERE!

on April 3, 2018

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Grab your headphones and listen up because the DoItYourFreakingSelf 2018 April Playlist is here for your listening pleasure!

When I was a kid, I made mix cd’s for EVERYTHING. It was legit like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – though, I didn’t make 12 breakup mix cd’s. Maybe like 2 and they were for no one’s ears but my own. I digress. Mix CD’s. I’m a bit old school in that I feel like more work went into a CD. You could only put 80 minutes on there – MAX and it was so important to get the order and flow of the mix just right. I’d spend hours trying to get the perfect ins and outs of the playlist. Making sure that each song flowed well into another or had the same theme. Not to mention that these mixes had to be created using music you already “owned”. I say owned because I was very expressly forbidden from illegally downloading music and iTunes hadn’t come along yet. I’m aging myself here.

2018 April Playlist #Playlist #SpringMusic

Anyway… one of my goals for this year (2018) was to create a monthly playlist and while I know I’ve fallen short, I’m attempting to dive in a bit. I creating this April Playlist for you guys featuring some of the music I’ve been jaming to over the last few weeks. And yes… I did stress out over song order thankyouverymuch. There are some lines that just jump out at me that I had to share, some new tracks, some old tracks… Its just what I wanted to put out there for you guys.

MAKE IT: DIY Flower Crown

What are your favorite bands and music recommendations? I can’t wait to discover more for the May playlist!

Chelsea Iacopelli | Do It Your Freaking Self
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