May Music Playlist

on May 23, 2018

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Check out the Do It Your Freaking Self May Music Playlist 2018! Great for jamming out to while you’re crafting or doing homework!

Hi! **Peeks head out from behind computer and chemistry notes** I promise I didn’t forget about you. School however has been kicking my butt and I’m ready for a break. I honestly thought I could do it all – work, school and running the blog. I was doing well there for a minute – RE January and February – but then it all fell apart and I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water while also trying to maintain some semblance of mental health. I guess what I’m trying to say is that its okay if you can’t do it all. Sometimes you’ve gotta prioritize and get things done so you can come back to things.

New May playlist with new songs for your graduation parties, spotify playlists and more! Find your May Music Playlist at!

CROCHET IT: Crochet Cactus Hat Pattern

I will tell you guys that I haven’t necessarily been idle during this time. I mean, yes… I was studying, but I was also crafting – mostly to keep myself sane. I had to start blocking out days to do laundry and meal plan etc – aka adulting as well as blocking out time to craft. I (for some reason) am able to hold it all together better if I actually make time to do it without pressure of posting. So, I have some projects backlogged. They’ll make it up here sooner or later especially since I have finals in less than 2 weeks and then I’m taking the summer semester off of school.


In the meantime, I’ve been making playlists. I use film scores to study and usually podcasts and audiobooks to drive and craft. Sometimes though, I get to play music with actual words and then I make playlists. Here’s my May Music Playlist – I had hoped to have this out earlier but see above. Summer Jams are happening soon and I wanna hear what you’ve got planned!

May Music Playlist

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