Human Anatomy Essential Supplies

on September 23, 2018

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As we enter into the really hard classes portion of my college 2.0 career, I figured I’d share with you guys what I’m using this year. I’m what is considered a “non-traditional student”. What that means is that I’m not a spring chicken and I’m not taking a full course load. I work while I’m not in class and I somehow manage to get my homework and studying in (I’m still not exactly sure how I managed that last semester). It also means that I’m working towards a second degree that is not related to my first (music industry). This semester I’m taking Human Anatomy- which is my first nursing pre-rec that actually matters so I’m trying to prep as much as possible. In this list, you’ll find some staples – like my backpack and the specific pens I’ll be using – to some Human Anatomy specific stuff that are essential for anyone taking the class.

I’m thinking of writing a post about why I decided to go back to school and all that jazz but there is a part of me that is not quite ready to do that. If that’s something you have experience with or are interested in yourself, drop me a line in the comments!

Human Anatomy Essentials

Human Anatomy essential supplies

I’m going to start off with the actual anatomy stuff because thats probably the most important. Human Anatomy is hard. Even if you have the most amazing teacher, its hard. It’s a lot of memorization and learning random parts of the body that you’re going to need to remember and point out. There’s going to be a lot of drawing and a lot of late night studying – thats just what it is. Here are some things that I’m using this year to help myself through that.

Crash Course Anatomy Poster ($12) – Hank Green (of the Vlog Brothers) created an amazing youtube channel called Crash Course and it’s probably a huge reason why I did well in GOB Chemistry. They have a shop associated with the channel and of course I had to order this awesome poster. Of course –  it doesn’t hurt that it is super cute!

Anatomy and Physiology FlashCards ($17) – I learned in Chemistry that I am not the best at drawing intricate things. It take a lot of practice and honestly, if my grade is dependent on it, I’m bringing in the professionals. These flashcards are also great for if you’re taking physiology or a combined A&P.

Anatomy Coloring Book ($17) – If you’re a person that learns by doing and are very tactile, this coloring book is a great resource. Some advice before starting – Have a plan when you color things in – like keep similar tissues in similar colors or shades. This helps you get a better understanding of how things work together. You’re probably going to want a good set of colored pencils or gel pens – but those aren’t on the list.

Anatomy & Physiology Super Review ($10) I cannot tell you how much time this book has saved me. The chapters in Anatomy books are long and honestly, I just need things condensed into “Need to Know” sections. This book has been a life saver! Also, at $10 for the book, it’s a great deal and ridiculously helpful.

Skull Model ($45) Yep. The first major thing you’ll be learning is the bones. Specifically the skull. If you are the kind of person who likes to have your anatomical model to yourself and available all the time, this ones for you. Also, it makes a really cool Halloween decoration or talking piece. Check here for more models if the mood strikes.

Frixion Pens ($10)You guys!!! These are hands down, my favorite pens. Why? They’re gel pens so they write great AND they’re erasable!!!! How awesome is that! I got the big pack of lots of colors for labeling and because I like to take my notes in different colors each day.

Noise Canceling Headphones ($50+) – I am an earbuds kinda girl. I like that they’re easy to cart around and its no big deal if I lose them. BUT the mom I work for introduced me to the wonders of these suckers while studying and my life has been forever changed.

A cute pencil bag ($12) – You can totally go to Target and get a cute Yoobi one from there or really any kind. I personally just fell in love with this Rifle Paper pencil bag and HAD to have it. And of course it matches my laptop case.

All the notebooks ($0.50 +) – I’m probably a total weirdo but I only like writing in 1 subject notebooks. They’re easy on the wrist and ridiculously cheap. College rule all the way.

Post-it Notes, Page tabs and a Cute Holder Post-its are my jam! They’re great for marking pages in books (I rent mine from amazon) and keeping the notes without damaging the book. And the cute holder – I like cute things okay!?!

S’well Water Bottle ($30) – Yes. I know that is a lot to pay for a water bottle, but I drop mine on the regular and this is legit the only one that hasn’t broken on me and still manages to help save the environment. It is also really important to not get dehydrated while doing all the studying. Also, it comes in a TON of colors.

Meal Prep Bento Boxes ($30 for a set of 3) – Since I have breaks in between classes this year and am also trying to save some moolah, I’ve been trying to pack my lunch a lot. It’s also great to have the healthier option on hand instead of getting hungry then just grabbing food trucks. These glass bento boxes have partitions, are easy to clean AND they’re super sturdy. I seriously don’t worry about them staining and they’re super easy to customize if you want some more color in your life!

I’m sure there are a ton more things, but these are my essentials for the semester. Aside from my trusty Back Pack, I’m pretty sure I’m ready. If you’re back to school for the second or third rodeo, hit me up! How are you coping?

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