DIY: Watercolor Coffee Mug Tutorial

on March 2, 2016

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I took a huge step this week in my journey. I quit a part time job that I’d had for almost 2 years… but it was time. Anyone else have experience with this? Quitting a job to pursue something else? Creatively or otherwise? Leave me a comment! I’d love to know!

For those of you that know, I took a break from the social media agency world to work with kids. It has been insanely rewarding and I’ve made so many friends. Some that I now consider family.

Use your old nail polish and make a Watercolor Coffee Mug!

But it was time. I knew that if I kept this job, I’d always be scared to move forward.  I would keep burning myself out. I would become resentful of everything that I was doing, and that’s the last thing I want. So I took the step. I’m not sure how everything will work out, but I feel like this was the best decision for me.

So, when I left I wanted to thank all of the wonderful women I worked with. I wanted to give them something special to tell them how amazing they had made my last few years and how much I appreciated the work that we all did (and they continue to do).

One of the things I’ve been having a lot of fun with creating Water Marbling. They’re so fun, super easy, and make beautiful gifts. Best of all, I made them with things I either had on hand, or got from the Dollar Tree.

Use your old nail polish and make a Watercolor Coffee Mug!

Watercolor Coffee Mug
Ceramic Coffee mugs or glass vases
Rubbing Alcohol
Nail Polish
Deep Bucket or Pan

Clean off your mugs with rubbing alcohol. The less dust or debris on your glasses, the easier your paint will stick.

Fill up your pan or bucket with warm water. And get ready to paint!

Use your old nail polish and make a Watercolor Coffee Mug!

Make sure you have your nail polish lids loose and toothpicks at the ready, because you need to work fast with this project.

Drizzle a small amount of nailpolish into your bucket. Keep adding colors quickly until you have the number you want. (I try to stick to 2 or 3).

Use your toothpick to swirl the paint until you get the marble style you want (no more than 2 seconds)

Quickly dip your mug or glass into your water. I found that dipping it at an angle gives you a really cool design. If your pan is deep enough, you can dip your cup straight into it. You DON’T want to get anything on the lip of the cup. No one wants to drink out of nail polish!

Once everything is dipped and beautiful, place your Watercolor Coffee Mug upside down on some newspaper or paper towels to dry.

Fill with tea and coffee and gift to friends!

Use your old nail polish and make a Watercolor Coffee Mug!

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Use your old nail polish and make a Watercolor Coffee Mug!

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