How to make Perler Bead Princess DIY Chip Clips

on July 26, 2018

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These Princess DIY Chip Clips are so fun and easy to make! And they make your kitchen look super cute!

perler bead princess diy chip clips

If you’ve been to my apartment recently you’ll know I use clothes pins for just about everything. Sure they’re great for hanging up clothes, but they’re also great as chip clips, holding embroidery floss, twisting tie dye shirts, etc. I use them a lot okay! and they’re cheap which is like a magic word in my language. They also tend to go missing a lot, those things are like socks! I’m sure one day I’ll find all the missing clothes pins wherever my missing socks are – in an alternate dimension. So cheap and useful are super high up on my MUST HAVE list. Another thing I like? Cute. Yes. Add all the cuteness to everything.

The kiddos I watch have been on a classic Disney princess kick (when are they not?) so we’re princess-ifying everything around these parts. We’ve been using these DIY Princess Chip Clips for brown bag lunches, road trip snacks and picking up pom poms (because motor skills ya’ll). You can even use the patterns to create your own cupcake toppers or puppets! Just glue them onto some popsicle sticks instead of clothes pins.

perler bead princess diy chip clips - supplies

Princess DIY Chip Clips

Time: 1 hour or less
Cost: I used stuff on hand so… FREE! If you don’t, probably about $5 for a set.
Suggested viewing: Little Mermaid!

perler bead princess diy chip clips

Perler Beads
Large square peg board
Parchment Paper or Ironing paper
Clothes pins
Hot glue gun

perler bead princess diy chip clips

Create your designs on the peg board. You should be able to fit them all onto one.

perler bead princess pattern

Iron your designs. Once you’ve ironed them, place a heavy book or something heavy and flat to keep them from curling. – Do this to both sides.

perler bead princess diy chip clips - iron

Attach each princess to a clip using hot glue.

perler bead princess diy chip clips - hot glue

I had a ton of fun making these with the kiddos this summer! By the time we were done, each kid had their own set of Princess DIY Chip Clips which means some seriously cute organization and very excited kiddos. (They totally used these as puppets. Not even gonna lie)

perler bead princess diy chip clips

perler bead princess diy chip clips

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  • Reply jaden

    can you do more princesses i cant find any templates like how you have them

    December 31, 2020 at 1:18 pm
    • Reply Chelsea

      Hi Jaden! Its definitely on my list. I’m a little bogged down with school but I hope to get back to sharing creations soon!

      February 2, 2021 at 8:13 pm

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