Blendo Cat Treat Jars

on August 8, 2018

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Make these cute blendo DIY cat treat jars in as little as 15 minutes!

This summer, since I’m not in classes, I decided I was going to WORK. It’s not exactly something that one decides – unless you’re Elle Woods, but I digress. I decided to work more than I usually do. That pretty much means instead of my usual work load, I doubled it. So I have been working a whole lot. I’ve been super fortunate to work for amazing families and do a job that I enjoy. Should I have spent that time working on my blog? Probably, but I’m also going to be in classes and need study time as soon as the semester starts (I’m taking Anatomy ya’ll) so it was important to me to build up my savings while I could. So as a result of me working lots and lots of 12 hour days I accidentally forgot to feed my cat. I mean, she’s fine. She graze feeds so I’m not worried but still. No one call the ASPCA or animal control or anything like that. She’s totally fine. Sorry Grampers!

DIY cat treats jar - diy jar - black cat

How to make Giant Yarn out of Fleece!

Okay so I got home the other night and she had eaten all of her food (I didn’t fill her up in the morning) and she BROKE INTO THE CAT TREATS. This kitty found her treats on the counter, scratched through the bag, and made herself a meal. I can’t even with her. I honestly wasn’t sure if I should be mad at her or proud of her ingenuity or mad at myself for forgetting to top her up in the morning. Either way, I figured I should probably make something a little more sturdy to put her treats in (but not the organic ones, she’s weird and doesn’t like them). And in case you’re wondering, she likes Temptations and Feline Greenies in catnip flavor.

cat treat jar - treats - alphabet stickers

These blendo DIY cat treat jars are certainly doing the trick – not that I have forgotten to feed her since but still. Also, they’re super cute and match my decor so I’m calling it a win! Make your own with or without the blendo style!

Blendo Cat Treat Jars

Cost:$10 or less
Time: 15 minutes plus dry time
Suggested listening: CHVRCHES: Miracle

diy cat treat jars -

Glass Jars – I got mine at the dollar tree
Spray paint
Small Letter stickers – I used gold because I’m bougie

If you want to blendo paint your jars, grab some spray paint and head to a well ventillated area. – If you’re using this technique on glasses or pitchers, tape off the top inch or so where liquid and lips will be touching the glass.

blendo paint close up

To blendo, lightly spray about 2 inches from where you want the top of the paint to hit. The overspray will hit just right and give you that really cool blendo style. Spray the bottom rest of the jar and allow to dry for a few hours. And don’t do what I did and spray too much because then you’ve gotta spray like 4 more jars to not get drips or bubbles.

cat treat jar - apply stickers

While your jars are drying you can add the stickers to the lid.

Fill with your kitty cat’s favorite treats!

MAKE IT: DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray and colorful labels!

cat treats - diy jar - black cat
blendo diy cat treats jar
cat treats - diy jar - black cat

close up cat treats jar

perler bead princess diy chip clips
doodle-lunch box idea-bentobox

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