hello summer fruit banner on display

Hello Summer Fruit Banner (free printable)

This free printable Hello Summer fruit banner is currently hanging in my bedroom/craftroom and I have no chill about it. None. It is awesome and I love it. Also, I'm pretty stoked it's summer. (Come back in about a month and I'll be complaining that I ever felt that way
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Turn up the nostalgia/nerd factor in your home with the DIY Neverending Story Book Box! Great for a remote holder! #HomeDecor #Geek #NerdHome

Neverending Story Book Trinket Box

Add some geek chic to your home with this Neverending Story Book Box! This post has been a long time coming you guys. Seriously like I bought the supplies for it a year ago - long time coming. So yeah, great idea.... lots of time spent googling on execution and
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Protect your gear in style with this DIY Floral Laptop Case!

DIY Floral Laptop Case

Protect your laptop from the daily grind with this fun DIY Floral Laptop Case! You guys!!! I took my Chemistry final yesterday and I am officially done with school for the summer! I seriously never though I'd end up going back to school at this point in my life but
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New May playlist with new songs for your graduation parties, spotify playlists and more! Find your May Music Playlist at Doityourfreakingself.com!

May Music Playlist

Check out the Do It Your Freaking Self May Music Playlist 2018! Great for jamming out to while you're crafting or doing homework! Hi! **Peeks head out from behind computer and chemistry notes** I promise I didn't forget about you. School however has been kicking my butt and I'm ready
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