doodle-lunch box idea-bentobox

Back to School: Doodle Lunch Box Idea

Update your meal planning with this cute doodle lunch box idea! So.... a few weeks ago I started on the Ketogenic diet. I'm sure a lot of you have either awesome stories to go with this or words of caution. I get it. I also know that I need to
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blendo diy cat treats jar

Blendo Cat Treat Jars

Make these cute blendo DIY cat treat jars in as little as 15 minutes! This summer, since I'm not in classes, I decided I was going to WORK. It's not exactly something that one decides - unless you're Elle Woods, but I digress. I decided to work more than I
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perler bead princess diy chip clips

How to make Perler Bead Princess DIY Chip Clips

These Princess DIY Chip Clips are so fun and easy to make! And they make your kitchen look super cute! If you've been to my apartment recently you'll know I use clothes pins for just about everything. Sure they're great for hanging up clothes, but they're also great as chip
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doityourfreakingself - saved by the max

90’s Nostalgia: We Went to Saved By The MAX!

Whether you are a huge fan of Saved By the Bell or 90's nostalgia - Saved By The Max is for you! When I was a kid, I very distinctly remember waking up early so I could get ready really really fast and watch Saved by the Bell with my
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