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Every Pokemon Halloween Costume You Will Ever Need

Pokemon fever is still in full swing, and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for the perfect pokemon halloween costume that doesn’t involve too much effort (because you also have to make the kid’s costumes too). And let’s be honest, as cute as Pikachu is, not all of us want to be him for halloween.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably doing a lot of things last minute, so do yourself a favor and get yourself Amazon Prime so that last minute costume gets to you in two days (with free shipping) without the hassle of braving the store. If you don’t have prime, get it FREE for 30 days and get access to all the cool stuff amazon has to offer!
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So! Whether you’re a trainer, a pikachu, a charizard or squirtle, here is everything you could ever have to look for in Pokemon Halloween Costumes.Everything you need for your Pokemon Halloween costumes. For kids, adults, babies, and fur babies! Pokemon your Halloween!

What are you going as this year? The girls I sit for have changed their mind three times already, so it’ll probably be a last minute scramble for us as well.

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children DIY Gallery Wall

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite things about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was the photos that came with it. If you haven’t read the books yet and are just waiting for the movie to come out first, it’s important to note that the entire series was inspired by found vintage photographs that looked a bit… peculiar. Throughout the book series, these peculiar photos are interspersed with the story, giving the reader a visual on the characters even without a film. The cool part is that these photos are not photoshopped, but are probably photography tricks old timey photographers used.


With the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children premiere and halloween looming, I though it would be a perfect way to credit the work by creating a gallery wall. Here’s the thing… they always look super complicated. On pinterest you see all of these frames strategically hodge podged and you sit there thinking… I would totally mess that up. Yep. Right there with you. BUT!!! It’s actually really easy… and cheap! Come with me on a decorating adventure will you?

Time: 2+ hours
Cost: Under $10
Peculiar level: 8

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How to Make a 5 Minute DIY Skull Vase

Does anyone skip fall decorating and go straight for halloween? I figure it’s probably easier for me to do halloween first instead of fall – halloween – fall again.

Okay, so I maybe went a little overboard with the halloween this year, but whatever. I’m a crafter. If you don’t have a ton of time to create things and are on the broke boat, you can still do amazing things for super cheap. You just need some ingenuity and a trip to the dollar store. This 5 Minute DIY Skull Vase can be made for under $5 (including fake flowers) and are great for your halloween and Day of the Dead decor.

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12 Simple Fall DIY Projects to Decorate Your Home

Fall is upon us you guys… well, not quite yet. In Southern California, we’re still having 100 degree days so it doesn’t necessarily feel like fall. Considering it’s my favorite season, I decided that I’m going to go ahead and get into the spirit anyway.

What do you do to get into the season? Is it watching certain movies? Getting a pumpkin spice latte. Mine is a mix of all of that but mostly, I like my apartment to really feel like fall. The first thing I do is light a candle of my favorite fall scents, Cider House Ghouls from Simon and Duffy Candles. It smells like mulled cider and magic! If you’re local to LA, you’ve probably seen them at a crafts fair and found all of their wonderful fandom scents intriguing. If you’re not, you’ll probably fall in love with the pure magic that happens when you light them.

12 Simple Fall DIY Projects to Decorate Your Home | Do It Your Freaking Self

So yeah, I light a wonderfully scented candle, turn on Practical Magic and start some Fall DIY decorating! I feel like once my house is decorated there’s at least one place in this super hot weather that feels like fall.

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Woodland Creatures Painted Mason Jars

How adorable are these Woodland Creature Painted Mason Jars? I’m not going to lie… I’m super sad that they’re going to someone’s home and not staying with me. These jars are for a dear friend whose daughter has a forest themed room and I’m pretty sure she is going to LOVE them! At least for a few minutes.

I’m at the age now that, even though I’m single and doing me, a lot of my friends are having (or already have) kids. Not that I fault them, it really is an amazing thing to be a mother, but I’m just not at that place in my life yet. It kind of sucks though because part of me feels stuck while everyone is moving on with their lives. Any one else feel this way? I’ve just decided I’m going to be the cool aunt that makes them fun outfits and bakes with them, making me favorite aunt (even though I’m not related).

Simple DIY Fox and Raccoon Woodland Creatures painted mason jars for your kids room or fall decor!

Woodland Creatures Painted Mason Jars
Time: 1 Hour + Dry Time
Cost: $5 or less – most items were on hand
Cuteness Level: 9

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Super Style: Comic Book DIY Hair Clips

My friends recently arranged a huge group pinup themed photoshoot here in LA and I’m super bummed to say that I missed it. On the plus side, I did find myself inspired to make these Comic Book DIY Hair Clips, so add one to the yay column?

Get ready for comic con or halloween with these fun comic word diy hair clips. Great for pinup style fascinators with a comic twist!

I mean seriously, how cute did these turn out? I hesitated a bit when it came to adding the tulle, but I think it was a wise decision! You can wear these for a costume, or for a comic themed wedding, or super hero themed pin-up shoot, or … I don’t know, what do you think?

Comic Book DIY Hair Clips
Time: 30 Minutes or less
Cost: Under $5 for 6
Nerd Level: 5

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DIY Embroidered Doctor Who Blanket

Is it fall yet? Because I am ready. In the coming weeks I’ll be pulling out my yarn stash and start blogging about scarves and hats and other warm things and I could not be more excited. I’m also starting to pull out all of my geeky fall items (most of which are Doctor Who and/or Harry Potter themed). This DIY Embroidered Doctor Who Blanket is a product of inner Whovian coming out and I must say, it gives me the warm fuzzies…. inside and out!

Show off your crafty Whovian side this fall with a Quote Embroidered DIY Doctor Who Blanket.

Also can we talk about the ridiculous amount of Jammie Dodgers I ate while making this? If you’re not a whovian you probably won’t understand, but these cookies are a self destruct button for the TARDIS… well, not really. But they’re great for fooling Daleks and buying more time and just happen to be a delicious cookie! I’m so glad that I can get these at my local Cost Plus World Market because they also make really great gifts and party favors to my geeky friends.

This  Doctor Who Blanket is a bit longer than my other projects (a couple of hours max), but it’s really impressive. All of your friends will be jealous that you made your own blanket(-ish). These also make really great and impactful gifts.

Time: 6+ hours (depending on length of quote)
Cost: $15 or less
Geek Level: 6

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Willy Wonka Inspired Edible Shot Glasses

One of my favorite scenes from the original Willy Wonka was when Gene Wilder was singing “Pure Imagination” and he sat down to take a drink (and a bite) out of a daffodil tea cup. That movie was a huge part of my childhood and introduced me to the world of one of my favorite authors Roald Dahl. As an adult, different parts of it come back up and the film (and book) have taken on new meaning.

We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams.

Willy Wonka inspired Chocolate Edible Shot Glasses. Candy cups for a world of pure imagination

I remember when I was old enough to realize that a person in a film is actually an actor and not really that particular character. It kinda blew my mind. Then as I got older, my dad started pulling out Mel Brooks films and I learned about the man that ran the candy factory. That he was also Young Friedrich Frankenstein and the Waco Kid. He was Leo Bloom and the mock turtle. He was Gene Wilder.

I hate getting all sentimental over celebrity deaths and I’m not the person that is going to sit in front of my TV or stereo and cry because we lost one of the greats, but I do believe that it is important to recognize contributions to art and society. So thank you mister Wilder. These edible shot glasses are for you.

Willy Wonka Inspired Chocolate Edible Shot Glasses


Hit the jump for the full tutorial!
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19 Doctor Who Crafts You Gotta Try

What was your first experience with Doctor Who? Was it the classics or the new? Was it with a parent or best friend? I’m sure we all have stories of when we first saw one of our most beloved TV shows. If it wasn’t Doctor Who, what was it?

I very distinctly remember seeing it for the first time on the Sci Fi Channel (before they rebranded to SyFy) with my dad flicking through channels. He had been watching the very first episode and when I asked him what it was, he just said it was some cheesy scifi show and switched the channel. I didn’t re-discover the show until I was living in England some 3 years later. I didn’t realize how much I had been missing. Donna was the companion and I found out that we were on the 2nd Doctor of the new series and I felt like I had come late to the party. Once I went down the rabbit hole, there was no going back. I found that there was an entirely different set of Doctors before this and I had so much to catch up on!

The thing is though, being late to the party can sometimes be a good thing. There’s like this whole treasure trove of things to discover. It’s like falling in love with The Beatles ‘Let it Be’ and realizing that there is an ENTIRE back catalogue of musical era’s to discover. Pretty epic right?

19 fun DIY projects for the discerning Time Lord. Doctor Who Crafts for all skill levels from home decor to gifts and accessories.

Okay, so back to Dr. Who. What kind of crafter would I be if I didn’t give you a list of Doctor Who Crafts? Here are 19 Doctor Who Crafts for you and your companions to make.

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DIY Unicorn Spray Paint Shirt

This post contains affiliate links. Shopping from these links helps support this website and my addiction to cupcakes and craft supplies.

I’m sure I have told you guys about my obsession with Unicorns recently, but if I haven’t… sometimes I think I’m going to quit life to go be a Unicorn. Adulting is just too hard.


Okay, so I may not be able to grow a tail (and a horn and extra legs and full body hair) and prance off into the sunset, but I CAN make a shirt that displays my love for them. Right? Okay good. When I made this spray paint shirt I only had it in child size so one of the kiddos is getting it… because I like to give back okay?
Make a tie dye style tshirt with this DIY Unicorn Spray Paint Shirt. Simple, quick and unique styles for you to create!

Time: 30 minutes + dry time
Cost: $15 or less
Cuteness level: 1202734 (j\k I made that number up)

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