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Make a statement with Super Simple Creative DIY Business Cards

It’s official. I am finally at the point where I need business cards for things that are not … Well, I’ve needed them for a bit but I was ignoring that. Not so much ignoring that as I couldn’t decide on a design, or what statement I wanted them to make. I have commitment issues okay!?! So when it was down to the wire and it was too late to order anything and I still didn’t know what I wanted? I just decided Eff it. I’m gonna make my own. And because I HATE those DIY Business Cards where you have to get things aligned just so (and still feel super cheap) I went a more… shall we say, creative route. And I definitely feel like I made the right choice. I have gotten SO many compliments!

Get noticed in the most creative way possible with these DIY Business Cards. So unique and fun to make, you'll wonder why you never did it before!

I feel like somewhere in high school I was told that everyone needs to have business cards regardless of their jobs… so here’s my question to you. Do you have a business card? I wanna see! Whether you’re a babysitter, small business owner, or CEO, post a photo or tell me about them in the comments!

And if you’re wondering, here’s how you can make your very own really creative DIY Business Cards.

Time: 6 hours (or less… probably less)
Cost: $40 but a lot of the items you can use over and over!
Wow Factor: 10

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Be a goddess every day with this simple DIY Greek Headband

You guys, I am so excited about this DIY! Why? Because it’s super cute and super classy and super easy! You can wear it year round… or just for halloween!

Unleash your inner goddess with a fun and simple greek headband.

Do you ever buy a dress with the exact way you want to wear it? Accessories and all? Yep! That’s what I did! Except I couldn’t find the accessories I wanted and when I did, they were expensive as (you know what). And so, I did what any intrepid DIY-er would do, and I made it my Freaking Self.

One of the things I love about this headband is that, while it can be used for an Athena costume at halloween, it can also be worn with a lot of great outfits if you need just a touch of gold. Most recently we used it for an Olympic themed play date with my friend Erin over at! The moms and kiddos loved them!

Unleash your inner goddess with a fun and simple greek headband.

So follow along and lets make some stuff!

Time: 30 minutes or less
Cost: $2 for headband and poster board/card stock
Cuteness level: a conservative 7

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Magical and Delicious Boozy Butterbeer Cupcakes (that might get you drunk)

You guys, please excuse my while I enjoy today’s Butterbeer Cupcakes recipe while snuggled up in my cozy socks and a cup of tea…. No? It’s still summer you say? Tough!!!  Okay, here’s the story.

In my senior year of high school, I had a teacher that (while meaning well) pretty much made me over analyze EVERYTHING.  To the point where I could not even watch the newest episode of Star Wars without enjoying it.. I mean, it wasn’t the best movie anyway, but still. I believe this was Episode 3, not 7. 7 was awesome. Anyhoo. I had a hard time reading because having to over analyze things just sucked the enjoyment out of reading for me.  Anyone else have a class like that? How did you deal with it?

Who says Harry Potter is just for kids? Make these Magical and Delicious boozy butterbeer cupcakes for your next party and cast a spell on your friends.

After high school, I ended up reading nothing but Harry Potter for the next 6 months unless I had to read something for a class. And honestly, I feel like those books made me LOVE reading again. Sure there’s symbolism out the frame, but at the end of they day they are really well written worlds that you can sink into. Did I mention that prior to this period I had probably read the books 3-4 times each anyway? Yep. Nerd alert! I’m gonna be honest though… I feel like I’m a hufflepuff, but I keep testing Ravenclaw. Boo.

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Make Your Own Glitter Star Wand

Remember when you used to dress up like a princess and have a tea party in the back yard with your siblings and all of your stuffed animals? Yep… I did that last weekend! When I was a kid, I pretty much switched between princess time and mud pies on the regular…pretty sure there was a princes mud/tea party. Thanks Amber for putting up with that! Babies of the 80’s am I right!

Do you have a princess in the fairy phase or just loves magic? Make your own Glitter Star Wand for dress up, parties, halloween and more!

Anyhow! This DIY sprang from my weekend with the girls where one of my littles searched high and low because she just HAD to have a princess wand… and not just any wand, a glitter star wand. Because she was a  magical FAIRY princess of course. I won’t mention that she didn’t have wings or anything else, but you know how that goes. And at the end of everything, we couldn’t find the right wand. I’m in for trouble when the pre-teens happen for this one. Say a prayer ya’ll. Seriously.

These also make for great party favors, halloween costume props and general awesomeness!

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DIY Disney Bound Pete’s Dragon Clutch

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Have you been disneybounding yet? I’m a bit in love with it. If you haven’t heard of disneybounding, it’s where you subtly dress up like characters and rides from the wonderful world of Disney. I’m particularly proud of this project because not only is it adorable, but it is unique and gets a ton of compliments when I’m out. If you want even more inspiration (including Mommy and Me style) and info about the movie, check out Lipgloss and Crayon’s post here.
Celebrate Disney's Pete's Dragon with this Elliot inspired DIY Disney Bound Pete's Dragon Clutch! How cute!

But first! Can we talk about Pete’s Dragon please? I was born way after the original came out and at some point I think my parents deemed it too messed up and weird for my little eyes, so I never really saw it until I was an adult. That being said, when I finally did see it, I fell in love with Elliot. While he may be a cute, clumsy and mischevious dragon he is also a fierce protector. He sticks with Pete even while Pete tells him he’s doing everything wrong  and really just loves on this child and takes care of him the best way he knows how.

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Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies with Pic’s Peanut Butter

When I was a kid my dad worked with the 4 Tops. Yes, those 4 Tops. Allow this song to be your jam while baking today.

While he was with them recording their Christmas album, my sister and I would bake cookies for them. I was probably around 7 or 8 at the time, but I very distinctly remember one phone call with my dad where the 4 Tops road manager and long time partner Fred Bridges very loudly asked “Who’s been eating my peanut butter cookies”. To which we all laughed and then sent Fred his own box of crunchy peanut butter cookies. It is due to this incident that peanut butter cookies will forever remain linked to Fred.

Try a twist on the classic recipe. Crunchy Peanut Butter cookies are delicious and sure to please!

I recently came into some delicously crunchy Pic’s Peanut Butter, this was all I could think of! I really like Pic’s because not only is it all natural, it has a TON of roasted peanuts so there’s a lot more crunch to it. The company also makes cashew butter and almond butter if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Quick DIY Glam Pencil Box

This is going to be a short and sweet one guys because in T-minus 2 hours, my Mom is coming into town for the first time ever! That’s right. I’ve lived here for 3 years and my mom is finally able to come visit me!

Do I have anything planned? Not really. Honestly, if it were up to me, we’d just have craft days and bake all day and watch “shoot ’em ups”. I think that’s what I miss the most about having my mom close. What are your favorite things to do with your mom?

This tumblr inspired DIY Glam pencil box is perfect for that gitter lover in all of us. Dress up a boring clear pencil box for magic school supplies all day long!

On to some craftiness. As you know, I LOVE school supplies but sometimes I can’t find the types of things I’m looking for. Anyone remember that feeling when you find the PERFECT pencil case? Or the almost disappointed feeling when you don’t? I’m right there with you. But for those of you that are feeling the disappointment this year, here’s a quick DIY Glam Pencil Box add some MAGIC to an otherwise clear and boring pencil box. Because Glitter = Magic okay? Disney says so!

Time: 15 minutes or less
Cost: $5 or less (pencil box and paper)
Cuteness level: Magic

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Washi Tape Pencils

Head back to school in style with these DIY Washi Tape Pencils for a unique look that doesn’t break the bank!

Is anyone else in love with new school supplies? Whether it’s shopping for them, getting them, packing them, or just wandering down the aisles looking at the promise of a fresh start? Only me? Cool.
10 Minutes or less DIY Washi Tape Pencils! Customize your school supplies this year Washi Tape for a unique look that doesn't break the bank!
I think the only reason I looked forward to a new school year was because I could go get new notebooks and pens and if I was really lucky, a new lunchbox (who am I kidding, I brown bagged it!). ANYWAY! I still slightly obsess over the deas I get this time of year. 17¢ notebooks? Sign me up! 50¢ crayola crayons? Yep I’m stocked. Pretty much any random office supply you can think of is probably on sale is some pretty awesome neon or gold color. And let’s be honest here… this is my life when it comes to stationery.

But sometimes I find the standard yellow pencils to be a bit ho-hum. So it’s time to break out the Washi Tape! I found this fabric tape at the Japanese store Daiso for ridiculously cheap (everything is $1.50!) and I love the grip it gives me on my pencils! And just to note, the tape (whether fabric or regular) doesn’t interfere with regular sharpening.

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DIY Sharknado Costume Shirt

I may have missed shark week, but you know what I did not miss? SHARKNADO!!

Yes, yes, I know. Sharknado Chelsea? Really? To which I emphatically reply YES! Those movies are the epitome of cheesy sci-fi and I adore them. We’re coming up on 4 now and I’m excited for all of the random cameos, really stupid ways they kill sharks (and people) and the drinking game we’ll probably play during it. This will be year number 3 (we didn’t do one for the first Sharknado) that my friends and I have done some type of Sharknado cookout or party. This year promises to be epic because I’m helping thrown that party with a friend at her beautiful home!


Are you going to watch it? Will you snap me your MST3K references?  (I’m @ChelseaRiot on Snapchat!)

However, all of this being said, you’re probably like me in that you’re really excited about this television event and you wanna look festive but you’re really lazy and don’t feel like making anything. Wow, that was a really long sentence. Anyhoo, I’m right there with you. I’m going to grab some felt and an old shirt over here and show you how to make a really cool and really simple Sharknado Costume shirt. Come follow along so you can look super creative at your own sharknado viewing party…. even if it’s just you and your cat (yes, I went there. Deal with it)

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DIY Emoji Pillow Busy Bag

Did you guys know there were actual rules to the kootie game? And actual instructions on how to play? I just always thought it was a twisted buggy version of Mr. Potato Head. I’m pretty sure my mom would just take that game out to keep us busy trading parts and makng funny characters. (both Kooties and Mr. Potato Head) Well, the more you know.

Make your own no sew DIY Emoji Pillow Busy Bag for toddlers and up. Great for keeping kids busy and off the screen during wait times.

Anyway! I’m a bit in love with this project. Seriously. It started when two of my girls each asked for a DIY Emoji Pillow. Both with different expressions. They looked pretty easy, so I figured I’d give it a try. Well, instead of creating just two looks, I ended up creating a pretty fun busy bag that the girls absolutely adore so I’ve added it as a staple to my Babysitting bag. What are your favorite busy activities for the kiddos?

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