Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

on June 26, 2018

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These patriotic ice cream sandwiches use home made cookies and your choice of ice cream to really wow at this year’s 4th of July cook out or any other USA event!

patriotic ice cream sandwiches - red white blue sprinkles

I took an extra day off this week and I’m feeling so much more centered. Usually I get one day off and that is for laundry and meal planning and you know… adulting. So it was nice to not have too much planned – I did purchase a knitting pattern of which I know nearly none of the stitches so that will be an exciting journey!

Okay seriously though, the summer is upon us and that means the 4th of July is near. Ya’ll I don’t know about you, but I get ridiculously excited about the summer section at Target and all of the cute red, white, and blue stuff. I think it’s mostly because I am ready for the cookouts and the full day of community and friends that the 4th usually brings for me. Whether it’s a church cookout, neighborhood thing, pool party, friends getting together – I LOVE IT!  With everything that is going on in the world I really think we could use some more togetherness and remember what is really important.

patriotic ice cream sandwiches - red white blue sprinkles

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cost: $10 or less
Time: 20 minutes
Suggested Viewing: Independence Day – Because it has the best movie speech of all time


patriotic ice cream sandwiches - red white blue sprinkles

MAKE IT: 4th of July Pom Pom Cake Topper

To make the cookies:
1 box white cake mix
3 egg whites
1/2 cup vegetable oil
Red and blue food coloring

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix all ingredients (except the food coloring) and separate into 2 bowls.
In each bowl, mix the food coloring. You want the cookies to have a deep, rich color so the more the better – I think I used something like 15 drops? If you’re using gel colors you’ll probably need less.

Scoop onto cookie sheets and bake for about 8 minutes. YOU DO NOT WANT THESE TO BROWN!!!

Let your cookies cool!

To make the Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches:
Ice cream of your choice
Patriotic sprinkles – I used my own mix based on this post from Lovely Indeed.
– You can also purchase pre-made custom mixes, I just wanted to make my own!

patriotic ice cream sandwiches - red white blue sprinkles

MAKE IT: 4th of July Firecracker Bark

This is pretty self explanatory BUT!
Match cookies up so you have pieces that are roughly the same size.
On a plate, spread out your sprinkles.

red-blue cookies - vanilla ice cream - patriotic sprinkle mix
Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on one cookie and use another to smoosh it so that the ice cream is just touching the sides.

ice-cream scoop on cookies scoop ice cream onto cookies - red and blue - vanilla ice cream

Roll it through the sprinkles you’ve set out on a plate and then place it back in the freezer to keep the ice cream from melting all over the place.

Ice cream sandwich - sprinkles - red white blue Roll patriotic ice cream sandwich in sprinkles

You can also wrap these in plastic wrap for longer storage to prevent freezer flavors from seeping in – you know what I’m talking about!

patriotic ice cream sandwiches - red white blue sprinkles patriotic ice cream sandwiches - red white blue sprinkles patriotic ice cream sandwiches - red white blue sprinkles

Serve in cute ice cream cups, on sticks, or just grab and go! These patriotic ice cream sandwiches are sure to be the hit of any summer party!

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