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New Years Eve Dessert Chocolate Bark

on December 27, 2016

Ya’ll!!! 2016 is almost over! And it couldn’t come soon enough. Go home 2016, you’ve been drunk, hung over, and now you’re drunk again. Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn’t work over the holiday break – I’ve had a lot of plates spinning this year, and not all of them the same color/size/type if you know what I mean. I think one of them was a bowl or something – but I made this New Years Eve Dessert Chocolate Bark for a friend’s pre-New Years Eve photoshoot and it was too cute and festive not to share!

Dress up your New Years Eve Dessert with some easy and classy chocolate bark! Use it as a cupcake topper or part of your party candy buffet! Recipe | Fancy | Edible cupcake topper | New Years Party Food | Easy chocolate bark - Do It Your Freaking Self

Not to mention that I found the mini-marshmallows that usually come in hot chocolate, you know the ones, yeah, those get sold separately. They’re called Mallow Bits and they are the new staple at all of my parties. Hot chocolate bar? Mallow Bits. Chocolate pretzel station? Mallow bits. Anything with s’mores? Mallow Bits. Cupcake bar? Yep. Mallow Bits. I’m having them on everything and you can’t stop me. Day = made.

New Years Eve Dessert Chocolate Bark
Cost: $10 or less
Time: 30 minutes
Skill level: Beginner – Make it with kids!
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Dark Chocolate Orange Cranberry Bark

on October 20, 2016

This might seem like sacrilege and try not to fall out of your seats when I say this but….I think I may be pumpkin spiced out. Whew. That felt good to get off my chest.

But seriously though you guys, I love fall and all that it brings. I love sweater weather and pumpkin spice and pumpkins and all that stuff but I think I hit pumpkin spice overload what with the latte’s and cheerios among other things. So… what is a girl to do?

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Set your tastebuds alight with this spiced dark chocolate orange cranberry bark! Great for holiday parties, desserts, and gifts. | Dark Chocolate | Holiday Desserts | Orange Zest | Dried Fruit | Edible Gifts | Easy Bark | Do It Your Freaking Self

I turned to all things rich and tangy and whipped up some dark chocolate orange cranberry bark to satisfy my sugar and my spice cravings and you know what? It hit the spot! This bark is makes a perfect addition to any party, as a holiday gift or just because. With hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, this bark is sure to bring a smile to anyone looking to dig into the more tangy flavors this holiday season!

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