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Beginner Crochet Beach Bag

If you’re looking for a quick and fashionable summer project, check out this beginner crochet beach bag using the suzette stitch.

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If you’re like me, you’ve learned to crochet and you’ve got the basics down. You can single and double crochet with the best of them…. heck you are a wiz at granny squares… but you’re looking for something more practical and cute to do with your skills. Does this sound like you? Are you still in the beginner crochet step? It’s cool. This free Beginner Crochet Beach Bag is for crafters of all skill levels and makes a beautiful suzette stitch that no one will even have to know how easy it is! In fact, the suzette stitch is a great one to have in your arsenal. It works up a beautiful thick but breathable texture that is great for any number of projects.

If you're looking for a quick and fashionable summer project, check out this beginner crochet beach bag using the suzette stitch.

This inspiration for this bag came from a recent trip to the beach (because apparently Los Angeles decided to skip spring all together and go right into summer) wherein my favorite beach bag not only broke but got covered in sunscreen. Cue dramatic freaking out noise. So!!! In a fit of crochet desperation and some love for Pantone’s color of the year (and my birth stone!) I made a bag. Since it’s cotton yarn I can wash it on gentle. So if someone spills juice or apple sauce or sunscreen, I don’t have 30 minutes of wet wiping ahead of me. AND!!!! It’s versatile! If you don’t live near the beach, this bag also works wonderful as a fashionable market bag. Pretty cool right? So grab a crochet needle, sit down with Lilo and Stitch (and some other fun Disney movies) and let’s make all the things!

Beginner Crochet Beach Bag

If you're looking for a quick and fashionable summer project, check out this beginner crochet beach bag using the suzette stitch.


Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Solids in Mod Green (4 balls)
Size J crochet hook (I love this set from Susan Bates!)
Yarn needle
Ruler and pen or marker

Time: Weekend/Binge watch
Cost: $10
Skill level: Beginner
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The Last Minute Loom Knit Hat for Beginners

As with most stories of my crafting, this one started at Michaels. During a sale. Lord help us all when that happens.

Okay, so I’m there and theres a sale on like… everything having to do with yarn and you know I’m all over it. ALL over it! And somehow, a round loom ended up in my basket and it was cheap and I had a coupon and well, I took it home.

Need a last minute hat? Create a simple loom knit hat in just a few hours! Complete with giant pom pom! A great gift or beginner project! - Free pattern | Tutorial | with brim | winter hats | loom knit projects - Do It Your Freaking Self

Fast forward a year and I remember I have the darn thing and it’s hat weather, so I figured now was the right time to pull it out. Especially since I needed to knit up some hats really quickly for some Christmas presents. If you’ve never used a loom before, a loom knit hat is probably one of the easiest things ever. These hats are perfect for beginners and experts alike. So lets make a loom knit hat! K?

Loom Knit Hat for Beginners
Cost: $15-20 for multiple hats
Time: 2 hours or less (depending on thickness of yarn)
Skill Level: 2 out of 10

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Easy Crochet Slippers

Cold weather is on it’s way in! That is, unless you live in California where it’s in and then it’s out and then it’s in again. But yeah, so cold weather. I am so down for it. One of my favorite things to do when it starts getting cold is throw on my batman onesie and some cozy slippers, and curl up with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa. Oh, and the cat. We can’t forget kitty cuddles. Does anyone else have a cold weather tradition?

Keep your toes warm and toasty some fun and easy crochet slippers! A free pattern for beginners and experts alike for a quick seasonal project! | Do It Your Freaking Self

Anyway…. these easy crochet slippers are on my “handmake for people” christmas gift list. They take a few hours to make and are great for getting rid of excess yarn. For these easy crochet slippers, I used left over yarn from my hogwarts  house ear warmers so now I have matching sets! But like I was saying, not only are they super cozy and easy, they make great gifts. Because everyone needs cozy footware.

Time: 1 evening
Cost: Under $5
Cozy level: very

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DIY an Infinity Loom Knit Scarf

Now is around the time of year that Do-It-Yourself-er in all of us is getting super ambitious about making all of our own Christmas presents. I know I am. But the closer and closer the parties and subsequent big day get that ambition seems to dwindle and we find ourselves at starbucks or target shopping for gift cards and random tchotchkes. So much for those half finished scarves and hats we were making. They’ll just sit in a corner until next year.

Knit up a warm and fun infinity loom knit scarf in just a few hours! A great project for beginners to create stunning hand made gifts in half the time!

But you know what you guys? You can still make really awesome hand made scarves that don’t take forever to knit. Let me introduce you to the knitting loom. The answer to all of your scarf making woes. So sit down, kick up your feet, turn on netflix and let’s make a loom knit scarf!

Time: 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls  (or 2 hours)
Cost: $15 or less
Skill level: Beginner/Easy

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Hogwarts House Crochet Ear Warmer

As the weather cools down out come my yarn stash….

When I moved to Los Angeles I packed up my car. If it didn’t fit, it didn’t come with me. What did fit was an entire suitcase full of… yep, you guessed it. YARN. I learnt to crochet as a kid and it’s been one of my favorite ways to make handmade gifts as well as to calm down after a crazy week. I’m pretty much in love with all yarn work and I honestly feel like it is something anyone can do in some way shape or form. This cinched Crochet Ear Warmer uses only 2 stitches  and is a wonderful beginner project just in time for the cooler weather.  Even better…. they’re in Hogwarts house colors so I’m super excited to wear these babies all around Universal Studios this winter and feel like a real Hogwarts alumni!

Show your house pride and keep warm this winter with a handmade Hogwarts house crochet ear warmer! Handmade Harry Potter style for the whole family. Easy | Headband | Free Pattern | Cinched | Headband | Beginner Crochet | Do It Your Freaking Self

Time: 1-2 Hours
Cost: $10 makes a lot of them
School Spirit Level: 20!!!

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